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OnDemand Error Code 7.1.12

I have had Cox for years and always had OnDemand. Several days ago tried to watch a show and received error code 7.1.12. Error message says to call customer support because Cox is experiencing difficulties.  I did this three days ago. No one knows what the error code is. Rebooting the DVR and a new signal from Cox have failed to fix the problem. How can I get this resolved?

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    Any Error code starting with 7.1.1 is related to Video OnDemand. Are you trying to purchase or view a free OnDemand show? Also, are you experiencing this on all shows?

    Jonathan J
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      I was experiencing it trying to watch anything on OnDemand—TV shows, movies, etc.  Tried it this morning and it is working. At least three days without access.  Do I get a refund on my Cox bill?

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        I am happy to hear that your service is working now. We do not currently provide credits for issues with On Demand as it is not a paid service outside of the movie purchase itself.

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