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2 years ago

New main receiver puts all my boxes to sleep

With my new contor main receiver replaced, now all my boxes go to sleep/power saver mode.  I have not been able to shut this feature off! I called for support but they told me to shut off the power saver and it was.  How do I shut off this feature? I am caring for a disabled Uncle and he can not use the remote, I'll turn the TV on for him then go do chores and when I check on my Uncle the TV has a screen saver on it. It doesn't appear to take that long before this happens.  I've already received account credit for not providing service, but I need to fix this ASAP for my Uncle. 


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  • We may need to have a field technician scheduled to identify why the feature is not staying turned off when going into the Contour Receiver. The steps here should work to disable power saver, but if there is another error message appearing or signal issue happening, then we may need to have a field technician further troubleshoot. If this box is doing it when another wasn't, then the Contour box itself may need to be swapped.

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      I too have this problem. 3 wireless streaming boxes, all with power saver off, still give the "Are you still there" message and go to sleep with a screensaver on. Disabled wife can't use remote and is stuck staring at nothing. I pay $335 a month for service that needs to be improved!

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        "Are you still watching", is also a message used for shared digital channels. The reason is, after a certain period of time, they verify you are still watching the program, and if they don't get a response they will power off the video box, to save bandwidth.