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MLB Extra Innings and

I broke down and added cable TV service. I have not been able to reach anyone at Cox that seems to know what Extra Innings does and does not include? Does it allow you to activate If it does, when does that activation take place? Can I get the spring training games if I sign up today or is the mlb,tv not active until the regular season starts.

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    The information you are requesting will have to come from InDemand. Here's a link to their website with more information. I apologize for the experience and for any inconvenience this has caused.

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    Thank you. Unfortunately, what I need isn't there. Since nobody knows what product is being sold (I called them and they don't have a customer service department to have someone find the information), maybe someone here will see it and know if the access starts when you sign up or when the regular season starts ( is actually a year long product that renew on March 1, so I need to decide if I want to buy it from MLB or if I want to buy the extra innings).

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    I pay for extra innings every year. It does not include spring training.It starts the first day of regular season and includes just about all the games except games blacked out in your area. In my area Houston and texas rangers are blacked out because their games are available on cable.which is fox sports where i live.

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    Thank you. Do you use the MLB apps that you have access to with your purchase?

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    Also, depending on your cable box, you may only get SD versions of the MLB Extra Innings games.

    I have a Rovi cable box and it isn't capable to decode MPEG-4 programming.  MLB Extra Innings compresses the games in the MPEG-4 format.  Therefore, I only got the SD channels of MLB Extra Innings (670-683).  In addition to the blackouts, MLB Extra Innings wasn't a good value.