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Lost TV shows on DVR Contour.

We have two Contour 2 DVRs.  Last night around 10 pm about half of them are gone/deleted!  We used to have 90% full (about 1,000 shows), now both DVR's show 48% Full (565 recordings).

What happened?  Many of the saved shows were less than a week or so old.  And some older ones are still there.

I have restarted both DVR's this morning.  nothing has been recovered.

How can I recover them?

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  • Wow, you have Lots of shows.  Maybe your 90% was the cause, although I doubt the system would have reduced you down to 48%.  Hopefully COX can have an explanation.  I sort of doubt that you will be able to recover...although I've been wrong before.

    So, you have 2 DVRs, rather than a Host and client? I have 2 independent 2 max record Contour2's. I've tired to get users who have this config to respond to an issue I have...that is being able to specifically record to one or the other, or have the ability to view contents stored on one machine from the other without a physical change in viewing location. I cannot control which machine records what show, even if the recording is initiated from one.  Since there is a max of 2 records, I can see rollover to the other box for that situation, but only that.  It works less often when doing a series record.

  • Hi John2222,

    We’d be happy to investigate this issue and address your concerns. Please email our team at with this post, your full name, and your complete address.

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      I called Cox Tech Support.  He was very helpful, ran some kind of reboot/reset, but half of the recordings are still gone.  He offered to schedule onsite visit to further debug and if needed, replace the DVR.  However replacing the DVR will cause all the remaining recordings on that DVR to be lost, so I am opting to continue as is and hope it doesn't reoccur.

      Suggestion:  Offer some sort of backup capability for Contour DVR hard drive, so it can be stored in the Cox cloud and protected by Cox.  What would we ever do if we couldn't back up our PC hard drives, in case of a hiccup?!  Yikes!

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        Hi John2222, we do offer cloud capability for customers who qualify. In other words, it would be a wireless receiver that communicates with the modem. Our customers must also subscribe to our Panoramic WiFi Gateway modem in order to take advantage of this service. If you are still experiencing issues with missing/lost recordings, then it's possible that the receiver might have a defective hard drive. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator