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Lost all recordings yesterday. Was there system issues?

Hello.  I just looked at my DVR and I lost all my recordings from yesterday.  From the day and 3 last night.  There doesn't seem to be a missed recordings section in Countour 2.  Was there some issue last night.  Is there a setting that automatically cleans up stuff.  I had about 9% full

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  • @Hammerva, Are you able to access other recordings? Also, do you get any error messages? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      It seems like all the recording before Wednesday is there.  I found it strangee that the number of Recently deleted recording dropped as well.  Although I am fine losing those. 

      If I got error messages I don't know where to look.  There are no notifications and again I don't see a missed recording section.  I guess I will see if future recording are not working 

      I would assume I can have more than 10% of DVR box.  I guess I will see the next time I hit that it doesn't do some delete cleanup dumb **

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        @Hammerva, Sounds like a plan. Please let us know if the issue continues. We will be here to help. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.