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Limited rewind function of dvr? Huh? Why???

I have been watching two tv shows on two different networks, and going back and forth.  Then I tried to back up one to see what I missed, only to discover that the dvr won't allow me to back up?  Is this normal operation for a Cox router?  I have been with two other cable providers, and their dvr has never had an issue backing up, unless a show is being recorded.


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  • Hi Dewd, I believe you are referring to the Swap feature available on the Cox Rovi video platform. Swap allows you to utilize the DVR's two tuners to switch back and forth between two channels, pausing and rewinding both channels. This is not a feature currently available on the Contour 2 platform. I'm sorry! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I'm not sure it's that, but on my old  Verizon Fios DVR, I could simply change a channel to something else, then go back and rewind the original channel, then switch back to the 2nd channel and rewind that.  This is basic DVR service... even the really old one from DirecTV had that capability.  The tech described what the Cox dvr does as "buffering the current channel" but once you change the channel you lose the buffer.

      And if the Rovi platform has the capability, why is it not enabled???

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        Hi Dewd, you are on the Contour 2 platform. Rovi is the oldest of Cox's video platforms and is currently end-of-life. Cox is in the process of retiring Rovi equipment and moving customers to Contour 1 or Contour 2. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator