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Have 2 TV's, 2DVR's.

If I discontinue service for 1 DVR, will I be able to start recording a show on the remaining DVR/TV & finish watching the show on the other TV?

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    I think only the contour whole home dvr does that not 2 separate dvrs

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      Several times we have started watching a recorded show on one TV & finished watching it on our 2nd TV.  We've had COX for 3 years & never heard the term "contour whole home dvr."  Maybe it is something new with Homelife feature which we don't have.

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        @Crazy, As long as you have at least one Contour dvr box and a 2nd contour box in the home, you should be able to view dvr recordings on both boxes. You can find more information about the Contour dvr service here: -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.