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guide shows program info in order of show release date, not when it will be on next

Just got contour, when I search for a specific show it will show me all of the episodes in order that they were released.  There is no way to get a listing chronologically from when show is on next ( the soonest) and go forward from there .  My old motorola always would list the shows in order from the closest time it comes on then forward for about 7 days.  How can I get a listing like this???  I don't want to scroll through 7 seasons of the show just to find out when or if it is on today, tomorrow or what!

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  • If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you have episodes sorted by oldest instead of most recent. When you pull up the list of episodes for whichever show you are looking for, you can scroll all the way up until 'Filter' is highlighted and then scroll to the right once. This will then highlight 'Sort', you can then click OK and then choose the option for 'Most Recent'. This will list the most recent and future episodes first.

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