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Date does not stay set when scheduling from Contour 2 Guide.

We just got a Contour 2 DVR and when trying to schedule past the current day by jumping forward from the current day we can schedule one show and most of the time we are unable to schedule an additional show for that date as the day reverts back to the current day.  We than have to jump forward again to schedule the next show.

My wife schedules shows individually from Sunday thru Saturday after she receives her TV Guide.  Scheduling a Series of shows is no issue but she likes to pick and choose on many shows.

What are we doing wrong?  Is there a way to remain on a new day and schedule multiple shows?

Three disappointments we have discovered so far with the new system:

You can not set a POWER ON CHANNEL as our Contour 1 system allowed.

The remote will activate our older SHARP TV but will not allow us to change the INPUT as our Contour 1 system allowed.  Tried different codes and can only control power and volume.

Is there a way to change the background of the guide to something other than black?   My wife has difficulty reading it even with the larger fonts.


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    Most of the items you've pointed out here simply aren't current features of the equipment, I'll be happy to submit a feature request on your behalf. The remote would be the one technical issue that may have a solution however. Visit for more information and resources concerning how to program your remote.

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      A feature request would be a good thing.

      I suggested to my wife that she just record a series and choose 1st run only but she likes to pick and choose.

      Guess she will just have to live with her choice.  She is in the family room, right now, cursing at the guide while she tries to schedule for the next week.

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        I like your suggestion. Record the entire series, then pick which episodes you want to watch from the list of recorded shows. -Mike