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Contour1 box recordings skip/pixilate and lock system

There have been many posts to this issue that are LOCKED so its not a new problem it seems.  Is there any solution?  I am on my third box since July (Now Nov) and the issue remains.  Recorded shows, skip, pixillate and even lock the box completely so I have to unplug and reset the box.  Calls to Cox say..usual..unplug and get a new box or even some suggested to get a BETTER and of course more expensive box like the contour 2 box..If Cox offers this Contour 1 6 recording box it should work...  For what we pay I should not have to get a new box so often ,  It seems live tv is ok at this time but our lifestlyle is to record..thats why we pay for a recorder..

Is Cox addressing this issue?

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  • Hello. Are you getting any error messages when you try to access the dvr service? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      I am getting no error messages.  If the recorded program actually locks up the recorder/TV and I have to unplug to reset, if I try to go back into that recording it just continues to lock up again.  I called again yesterday and got a message there was an outage in my area expected to be fixed by later that day.  All the recordings from the night before had this same skipping/pixilating issues.  MAYBE if Cox is working in our area the signal is not as strong and it will not tape correctly?  How can I have the strength of the signal tested?  This is so frustrating after being a Cox customer for over 30 years to be forced into a new box that just does not work all the time..had no problem with the old style box.

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        Hi OldBob2, signal issues require a service call so an on-site technician can investigate and resolve. If the tech is unable to resolve an issue, he or she will escalate the issue to the correct team. Feel free to email us at when you're ready to schedule a service call. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    It's deliberate on Cox's part.  I have three episodes of Riverdale where the same thing happens.  S4 ep 6, 7 & 8.  Haven't you noticed that on the shows that act up you are switched to ondemand where you can't fast forward through commercias?  I thought at first it was bad spots on the DVR drive so I saved the shows it happened on.  That way the bad spots would not be recorded on again.  That's when the pattern emerged.  We are being discouraged from using the DVR to bypass commercials and use ondemand where we can't.

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      Conspiracy theorize much?  Cox has no reason to care if you fast forward through commercials in recorded programming.  But, you should check your TV for anything that could be a camera.  They might be watching you. 😉     

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      @JRkc89. It sounds like your box may also be having issues with the dvr. I recommend swapping the box or having a tech come out and take a look. -Allan. Cox Support Forums Moderator.