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Contour (Error Code TVAPP-00206) Getting error message while trying to access Contour via Web

This issue was discussed five months ago and the discussion thread was closed.  I was accessing via the Safari Web Browser where I could not open any view channel from the channel guide that was visible (was able to click on the "Watch" arrow).  I can watch Contour on the iPad, which is via the APP.  There is no APP for the Mac.  I deleted the Cox History and Cookies per the previous Forum, with no success.  I have had no problem over the past couple years with the Web Browser version on my Mac.

I contacted COX Tech Support and tried multiple options with no success.  I live in Northern Virginia and was told there was a similar complaint in Hampton Roads.  After I hung up with COX Support, I attempted to log on to Contour via my wife's Dell PC via the Microsoft Edge Browser, with the same message, so it is not an Apple MAC issue, but appears to be a Contour web browser issue.

Any Comments from the Forum or Tech Support

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  • This was a known issue that should now be resolved for Contour via the website.

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      I now have access.  Can BrianM provide feedback on the corrective action.

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        Hi Ron, the issue appears to be resolved, but we do not have any information on how the issue was resolved at this time. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator