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Contour Box. Screen suddenly small. Black side bar


My Cox Contour box this morning is suddenly smaller with the black sidebar on HD and non-channels.  No settings have been changed, the screen was set to 720.

It has that black siding and no tinkering with the setting, reboot, re-optimizing the set display set up will change it.  It was just like this morning.

Why has it done this?  It takes ages to figure it out. Its a smaller tv, so it's really annoying.

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  • Hi Hooj, it sounds like the aspect ratio settings on the cable box are out of sync with the TV. Verify the remote control is in Cable mode by pressing the Cable button at the top of the remote. Then, press the Settings button, and use the down arrow to highlight Guide Options. Press Select. Use the down arrow to highlight Other Settings and then press Select. Use the down arrow to highlight Audio & Video and then press Select. Highlight Video Output Format and choose the Aspect Ratio that best fits the capabilities of your television. Please let us know if this restores your picture to full screen. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator