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Contour 2 Won’t Show Authorized Channels

After receiving so many mail and email warnings that my Explorer 8240 HDC would soon stop and catch fire, I installed a new Contour 2.  However many reboots later, I cannot ‘receive’ any authorized channels except a reduced number of “TV Starter” channels.  I have the “Advanced TV Premier” which includes 7 Paks and HBO/Showtime.  [San Diego/North]

For example, 8/1008 (CBS) works, but 23/1023 (MSNBC), 200/1200 (HBO) and all the other expected channels do not work.  Either the channel logo and name of program does come up or that happens plus 2 seconds of the program starts, then freezes.

Two Tech Support sessions on the phone did not achieve anything except the advice to take everything  apart and get a different unit. 

I am thinking that in taking the time and effort to uncable everything in my AV cabinet, move equipment around that I will reinstall my trusty 8240 which never complains and does everything that I need it to do, and pass on getting another Contour.

Does anyone have any experience with this problem, or advice?  Thanks

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    Percy, the Greatest Cox Tech Ever (contractor, too) so far, picked up the remote, hit the mic key, said "ESPN", saw the pic + sound for 2 sec then the freeze, said, "Bad Box", I'll be right back.

    New box, no problem.

    Thanks, Percy