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Contour 1. all deleted channels suddenly reappeared in Guide.

One of the forum contributors said that the "skipped" and "favorite" channels are kept at a central location ..... not on my DVR.   Something happened.  Two years ago, It took me hours to get the Guide down to only the channels I watch.  Sometimes I had to add the Skipped Channels one-by-one.  Otherwise they got rejected by Cox.  Usually I can add 3 channels before the system stops cooperating.  Which means that I have to go thru all of the baseball channels, all of the basketball channels, all of the foreign language channels, all the "Premium" channels and remove them one-by one.  why would I want an HBO channel in my Guide if I am not paying for that service and never want to watch it?  Posting on a Friday on a holiday weekend probably won't get me any answers.  I wondered if anyone at Cox notified the engineers who could reset the channels to my choice. Today, after 30 minutes, I have been able to remove 20 channels from the Guide.  but that is barely making a dent in the list. 

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  • Hi Yak, I'm sorry that you have to rebuild your list of Favorite channels. Were your DVR recordings or scheduled recordings (series manager) affected? Setting up a list of Favorite channels on a Contour 1 DVR can be clunky and time-consuming. Contour 2 greatly improves this experience. Contour 2 has a built-in Guide View called "Free to Me" that displays only channels to which you are subscribed. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator