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5 years ago

Contour - How can I delete shows in the "series priority" area that will never be shown again?

My husband recorded series of sporting events in specific years that will never be shown again and there are one time series that were recorded that may never be shown again and shows that were cancelled unexpectedly!.  How can I delete these??  Seems that the shows can only be deleted if you can find the show and delete it from the show listing.  There should be an option from the "series priority" section (in the schedules programs area) where you can delete the unwanted programs. I'd really like to see this option if there isn't another way to do this that I just can't find!

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  • Do you happen to have any of the shows still sitting under your recorded programs? If so, you can select the specific show and then scroll to the right until a small x is highlighted and then click OK. This will then give the option of deleting that specific item and any other future events. Otherwise if the show never comes on again, it should not interfere with anything.

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      I want it off the series priority list...  How do I get it off?

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        You can tried going to the Scheduled to Record list and delete anything that you don't want to record anymore.