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Channels 951 to 1959 disappeared from guide. What happened?

All the HD channels disappeared from guide.  Have reset modem but didn't help.

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    Hi @ Gsmithok
    On May 19, 2021, we removed all duplicate programming in Tulsa. All channels have already migrated to HD only, you did not lose any channels. Please use the lower channel numbers. You can refer to the Channel line up if you need additional help: .

    Ben S.
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      ...after pressing the Guide button twice.  First press displays the Guide; second press displays options.

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    Cox converted all SD channels in Tulsa with an HD equivalent to HD over two years ago.  The channels from 1000-1950 were duplicates of the lower channels. 

    Trying to select only a lower channel or a 1000+ channel as a favorite was always a frustrating exercise.  Adding a channel as a favorite also added the equivalent channel.  Removing the equivalent channel favorite then removed the selected channel.  Eventually, only desired channels could be selected, at least temporarily, but not until after pegging your frustration meter.  Removing the upper channel duplicates will make setting up favorites much easier.

    Recordings selected for a lower channel also appeared in the program guide as selected recordings for the 1000+ equivalent channel, and vice-versa.  However, only the channel actually selected was recorded. The duplicate scheduled recording indicated in the program guide had to be ignored when trying to resolve recording conflicts. 

    Selecting the duplicate channel when attempting to cancel a selected recording produced a non-descriptive error.  A  recording could only be canceled by selecting the channel originally selected to be recorded.  Once this was known, it was easily managed by only selecting programs to record from lower channels or only from higher channels.  But, it was another frustration until it was understood why the error occurred while attempting to delete a scheduled recording from the program guide.

    Channels 951-999 were Cox channels, still available from 1960-1998 for anyone who cares.  

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      if i don't select "hd"only, i'll see ch 12/15/etc instead of 1012/1015.

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        Apparently Cox hasn't converted SD channels to HD in your market.  The only SD channels in the OP's market are channels with programming not available in HD, e.g. old movies and old TV shows.  The only effect of selecting "HD only" would be the exclusion of those channels.  All other channels are already "HD only".  

        if i don't select "hd"only, i'll see ch 12/15/etc instead of 1012/1015.

        Saying "instead of" implies that when you don't select "HD only", you only see the 12/15 SD channels listed in the program guide and don't see the 1012/1015 HD channels.  That sounds like an undocumented "SD only" setting.  Did you really mean "instead of" or did you actually mean "in addition to"?  Aren't HD channels always included, whether "HD only" is selected or not?