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Can not record repeating show on TV Japan Ch. 400 in Standard Definition format rather than in High Definition

I am having trouble since last year, so I am asking again, on why I can't record using the "Record Any Channel" ( I think that is what it is ), so that I can record in Standard Definition format the repeating show(s) and save on Hard Disk space? This is mainly for the channel 400, not 1400, to be able to record in SD format. I asked TVJapan and they don't know what is happening with the DVR and User Guide of Cox, so this issue has to be a Cox user guide recording function that don't allow the repeats to be recorded as set as "record all". Please fix this function to allow recording of the repeats as set to record even if the program was already recorded as New or not.

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  • Hi Gymanime, from what I understand, you will only be able to set up a Contour 1 series recording on an SD channel if the channel is not offered in HD. Since the HD video format was dual-mapped to the SD channel locations, a series recording with the channel option set to "400 TV Japan SD only" will still record in HD. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator