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Cable service in one room but out in the other, routinely.

We have two smart tv's both new, two cox cable boxes we HAVE to rent each month also new. When we are watching tv one will lose the service while the other is fine. This has been going on for over 5 yrs. We have had new cable installed in the alley, had everything checked by Cox techs so this should not be happening. 

Any ideas?

After 25 yrs as a cox customer we are looking for options to leave this service. They charge too much, have limited choices, and now we want to put a tv in my 86 yr old mothers room but we can't afford another rental fee every month. We already pay almost 200 a month for internet, cable(very basic cable) and phone.

Thank you!

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    Hello Bad Kitty 1536,

    I can understand how frustrating it is to have one cable box that keeps going out on you. On the tv that keeps losing service, are there any splitters or amplifiers that are connected to the coaxial that is screwed into the back of that cable box? If so can you bypass the splitter/amplifier and plug it directly into the wall from the cable box?

    Ben S.
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    If you could, would you provide the details of your cable splitter(s)?

    For example, how many splitters do you have connected to your 1-and-only primary feed?  You may have to remove the cover plate of your primary feed...perhaps in the Living inventory your total number of splitters.

    What's the MHz rating of these splitter?

    New cables in the alley?  Is that where you live?

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      one coax splitter to primary tv + panoramic unit, the other tv direct to 2nd tv pano unit, to tv, no splitter.

      i'll look later, splitter is behind tv table, hard to get to/reach/see.

      nothing recent in the 11 years we've lived here, not fiber.

      i caught/asked a cox contractor a couple weeks ago why the the older laptops won't connect to pano unit. he said to change one of the passwords for 2.4/5g, which were the same.

      i thought about changing one but was afraid of not being able to get into admin page afterwards.

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        Honored Contributor III reply wuz for the OP.

        However...I thought you previously stated you have the Wireless 4K boxes?