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Aug 7, 2019 cox feed producing much worse 'soap opera effect'.

On Aug 7, 2019 cox feed caused much worse 'soap opera effect' on my 2016 Sony HDTV 720p (Newport Beach, CA). All news channels and much of shows old and new (both cable & network) look noticeably worse. My settings are the same. The Sony 'motion control' is still turned off. I've gone thru every step to confirm the problem isn't my TV, it's the signal coming in changed in some way. I want to have it changed back, to the comfortable screen I enjoyed watching. I Cannot find any helpful information on this website. I called cox tech support and they said nothing has changed in anyway (and they did not understand the universal term ... 'soap opera effect'.

The input from Cox clearly has changed, so either Cox doesn't know it or Cox doesn't want to acknowledge it. I do not want to buy a new TV ( if my 2016 TV is just out-of-date)

Kindly, discover why this has happened and return the signal to it's previous version so I can watch TV again. 

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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  • Is this still a problem today.  I'm here is SoCal and are you talking about 2,4,7 or Espn or any other that is still bad?.  Did you try the internet's and log to your account.  Select LiveTV/All Channels....go down to you station. Oh, and I'm not sure what 'soap opera' unless it means 'slow motion' or real low quality.  All of these channels are at HD.  Now be careful, Chrome will require a Adobe Flash acceptance, and some of the watchtv have broken sound.  Enter keyboard s to toggle the SAP, which is a temp fix.