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ATSC 3.0 is for OTA only

ATSC 3.0 and 2.0 is only for over the air and is the only true 4k 8k whatever k signal you will get that is uncompressed and at max quality yes im sure lik 2.0 some channels will be staticy but that is something you will never fix or get rid of a digital signal either is or isnt its not like analog where your reception is represented with static its represented but seeing the channel or not or seeing it clearly with no skips or jumbled picture.  We are lucky in the phoenix area we have a huge ATSC 3.0 channel list already available as we were one of the main test sites.  It is better much more stable and cleaner of a pic I could only imaging on a new LG OLED watching Football its the best and only way to go if you can get the game on local channels Uncompressed unbuffered highest best quality signal you will get right now no matter what service you have of course Cox is great i love it especially the internet i cant wait for DOSIC 4.0 and wish they would stop puding around and get to it and get it done and stop squeezing every last half shekel out of 3.1 Its time for gigabit upload with out stupid fiber no one needs but thinks they do But thanks to Mr half shekel we are stuck waiting for all Huawii Tech to be completely removed from all our networks cable internet cellular phone if anyone is or can still use lan lines I don't mind it ide rather have US products or anything but communist China products being the majority of all of them but they shouldn't of made 5g and DOSIC 4.0 promises they couldn't keep because guaranteed they had a little for warning but by then alot of their products were integrated already.  And i dont believe its at all to do with any Spying ** its all money they could produce the newest tech as fast or faster than us at a far cheaper price without a loss in quality that mattered.  All last year i though DJI ban was so commercial purchases were not alowed only Consumer ones then i come to find out the other day that it is more about US citizens not being able to buy stock in that company which is most of all countries drones used till very recently and that made me sick pissed and not to surprised but gotta love how they sell it to us but when it is all said and done what really is turned into truth or the law or whatever you want call it.  But i say we start demanding updates on all things DOSIC 4.0 because dont think that copper wire is done its got about 6gigs down and atleast 1gig up to give easy with no more that a few replacement parts along the line nothing at or near your house except that modem of course and a newer router to handle it and the new wifi 6 finally opened up to with wifi 7 already ready to but your talking stupid dumb speeds with that band with this new milllitary band for 5g cell and 6e or whatever wifi its more than enough and will amaze and be more than almost all should need for awhile until true ipv6 is used and even then that wont need broadband speed just ip addresses of a number i dont even want to get into.  So new things are coming but its still kind of the same just better but ATSC 3.0 still wont replace cox cable but it will be the way to watch certain things were the Highest quality for the Highest quality TVs is wanted and it just takes a good old regular antenna But you must have the RG6 cable like used for your digital cable you can not use your old RG59 cable to receive OTA digital channels at all Its only good for CCTV cameras actually really good although i like ethernet POE now simpler and cleaner HD.

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    you can not use your old RG59 cable to receive OTA digital channels

    Since you're in the lucky, Phoenix-area, test-site; I'll assume you tested an RG59 cable.

    Technically, RG59 should work.  Antenna cable was designed to receive signals from 54-890 MHz and broadcasts nowadays are almost exclusively 174-308 MHz, so RG59 should handle the bitrates on the 6 MHz channels.  I thought the design of ATSC 3.0 was to put an UHD picture into the same 6 MHz of spectrum?

    If you did test an RG59 cable and it failed, I'd suspect the cable was just old, damaged or corroded.  When was in made...70s, 80s?