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7 years ago

All I want is internet

Is it possible to just get the internet and not have TV. I was told internet tv was free and there would be a contour app for the roku and that was a lie. My bill still has a $22.00 charge for TV and all I can get is 2 channels I can watch on my roku.

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    Call up Cox billing and ask to disconnect TV. Your bill may change because you won't get the combo discount, but you do not NEED Cox TV to get internet. If your area is all encrypted, it won't even require a technician. However if you don't pay for TV service, you don't get much of ANY TV service. The only stuff you will get is the free stuff you would get anyway even if you didn't have a Cox internet account. 

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    Hello Azguy321,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Social Media. We can take a look at your monthly rate and the channels that are not working. Please send an email with this forum link, your full name, and address to We will reply back once we receive the email. Thanks