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All dvr recordings on my contour are freezing and skipping.

My recordings freeze and skip.  If I rewind I can see some of the skipped stuff but it’s constant every couple minutes.  Live tv is fine as well.  

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  • Have you tried rebooting your cable box by unplugging the power briefly? It is possible that a reboot may correct this unless the actual channel was having issues during the recording time.

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    Do you have a DVR box with a hard drive, or are your recordings in the cloud? If you're in the cloud, you're having the exact problem I am. Consider switching to local recording. I have exhausted all other troubleshooting possibilities, including new coax in my house.

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      I’ve been having the same issue in my DVR box.    It’s not every show recorded but maybe every 5th one will have a playback issue.    I’m only using 83% of the DVR so it’s not full of recordings.   When it doesn’t work the time box on the left will freeze up and not change while trying to fast forward.    If you the try to go backwards in the middle of the recorded show it will jump back to the beginning when pressing rewind.    Yes.   I’ve reset and powered of the box many times but this happens every once in a while.    Very frustrating