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In the last 25 hours, my phone has called itself.

In the last 25 hours, my phone has called itself.  I was wondering who kept calling me.  Went to Call History and saw it's my own phone number calling itself.  What the f^^k Cox?

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      @msn home page url Hello, it is more than likely a spammer or telemarketer spoofing the caller ID. Instead of showing their own phone number on your caller ID, it shows your own phone number as a way to hide theirs. Here's some more information about Caller ID Spoofing, We do offer our free nomorobo service, which automatically filters out unwanted spam and telemarketing calls by intercepting and blocking them, -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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        Unless Nomo specifically and automatically blocks calls spoofed with your own number, you shouldn't report it to Nomo.  First, if your number is in the Nomo database, Nomo subscribers can't call you.  Second, Nomo limits the amount of telephone numbers on their list.  If you're the only one reporting your number, Nomo probably won't add it.

        You should only block your number locally at your telephone or call-blocking device...or use Selective Call Rejection.

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    I'm having the same issue - It's a scammer claiming to be a Microsoft representative. The caller ID is MY land-line number so I can't block it (...or CAN I?)

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      Locally, yes.  Why would you ever call yourself?

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        You might want to call yourself to hear your voice mail messages (*298 will do the same thing).  However, while I can add numbers to call screening (*60), adding my own number didn't prevent me from calling myself.  So, it would appear you can't block your own number, at least not from calling it from your own phone.  I can't say what happens if it's a scammer calling from another phone.