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GrumpyDuck, let's talk before you get billed for missing equipment

I received this email today.  Three years ago Cox sent me a phone modem with no explanation.  I put it unopened on a shelf in the basement.  A year later a tech was here and worked on our phone.  I showed him the modem.  He said it wasn't needed and didn't know why it was sent to me... he left it with me.  Two years later, I receive this email telling me to return their modem or be charged $122..  I called Cox to verify that the phone modem I had was indeed the one they threatened to charge me $122 if I didn't return it.  Luckily, I didn't throw the thing away, after all, I was told by their tech it wasn't needed and he didn't want it.  So, I will take time out of my day and drive to Cox store and return something they sent me, wasn't needed, and after three years, threaten to make me pay for it.

Anyone else have this problem with Cox?  I need to search for another provider.

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    a tech was here and worked on our phone

    Why did a Cox tech have to work on your phone?  Did the tech install a different telephone modem (eMTA)?

    About 3 years ago, Cox began the mandatory transition from Digital Telephone to VoIP.  These are 2 different technologies.

    Cox had good intent by sending you the eMTA but their transition was delayed, rescheduled, postponed in some areas.  Ultimately, however, you would need the eMTA.

    Unless you had cancelled service, I don't know what would have prompted Cox to recently request the first eMTA.  Perhaps they did an inventory and discovered you had 2 devices.

    Canceling service is kinda an overkill because Cox originally had good intent.