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At least I had a working phone for 24 hours...

I was thrilled to have my Cox phone service restored yesterday afternoon after being without a working phone for 2 weeks. I'm very upset to report that the phone service has now gone out again.  I have turned the modem (the 3rd modem I've had in 2 weeks) off and on to reset and the modem light for Telephone 1 remains solid, but there's no dial tone -- just "no line" showing on the phone's display.  I'm just about ready to give up -- what am I supposed to do now???

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  • Hi Cocoapuff, I'm afraid another service call will be necessary to resolve this. I'm so sorry! I emailed you a few moments ago. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Becky, I’d like to thank you and your colleagues again for your help in restoring our phone line.  Dave restored service this morning by replacing the wall switch where we plug in our phone.  It’s great to be back in business.  One good thing came out of all this fracas – I met some very nice people from Cox – you and others in your office and the technicians who visited the house.  The gentlemen who came here couldn’t have been nicer, more courteous or more helpful. 

      If I may pick your brain one more time, please…can you tell me how to restore caller ID to our televisions?  I noticed this afternoon that the feature has disappeared from our TV screens.  I’m hoping that’s something I can fix myself without bothering anyone else!

       Your help is much appreciated.

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        @cocoapuff. You can power cycle the cable box to see if that will restore the tv caller id. If not, we will need to send some signals to the boxes. Please let us know if power cycling the box helps. Thanks. -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.