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"Your account is locked for safety" – AGAIN

This morning started with wife complaining that she could not send email. I discovered that my system was similarly bonked.

Then I realized that last night about 1 AM, Cox emailed us that "Your account is locked for safety".

This had happened back in October, topic 30806. People here were convinced that the email was spam.

Well, it's apparently not, because the account really was locked.

It is a mystery to me why this has recurred, given that I had reset various profile features.

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    What does the email say exactly? Can you copy/paste? Don't include any links though.

  • Hello Crownview,

    I am not familiar with this email that you received. Normally if there is a security issue like your account is compromised, we may lock the account and a password change may be required to access it again. Other than that, there have been some accounts that have been identified as needing to set up two-step verification for security reasons. This is normally explained in the email. Can you email my team at with your name, address, and the username(s) impacted to allow us to investigate?

    Tiffany R.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    There should be a phone number on that email for you to call to reach someone at cox Security. If your email has been locked for your safety, it indicates a security issue. 

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    It's just a coincidence.  Subscribers get phishing email all the time, people click links they shouldn't be clicking, email outages do occur and nobody knows what you mean by "locked."  What's locked?