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5 years ago

Years of Bad Internet Problems

Troubleshooting taken today and previously.


!. Unplug Power to Modem and Router for 30 seconds then plugged back in. Same Results.  100+down .09-1.5 upload.  Ran second speed test.  95 down .08 upload.

  1. Unplug Power to Modem and Router for 30 seconds. Connected Desktop Computer directly to the modem. Ran tests via Ookla and Cox Speed test.  Same results as above.

2.1 Modem is less than a month old (2nd Modem). (2nd Router) Router is less than a year old.  Techs come out everything looks fine.  This is a issue that occurs at certain times of the day and sometimes sporadically.  The issue can last from 30 minutes to a couple of hours and then things go back to normal all the sudden.

  1. Issue has occurred two days in a row starting around 3pm est. Frequent T3 timeout errors through the day and night however the issue will start at the same time the modem shows the T3 Timeout.

  2. I have logs of the modem power levels and errors with speed tests run at the same time.

  3. When the T3 Timeout error occurs I was able to quickly get to the modem power levels and saw that one of the modem upstream power levels was at 33dbmv vs what they normally are which is 43dbmv-44dbmv.

  4. Techs have been out, replaced wiring, replaced outlets, confirmed nothing in the house is causing the issues anymore.
  5. The issue started several years ago when our neighbor had cox put a green utility box In their yard to help their signal as they were having the same issues we are having. The line from the pole to their house was long so they did this to fix the problem.  Our line is about the same length and was replaced about two years ago however the crew didn't have a ladder and spliced into the line coming down the pole.  Last week they replaced the spliced line but not the line in the ground.  Techs said everything was fine when they left that our speeds were normal.  When they left we were at 170 down and 5 up however we use to get 170 down and 8-10 up at all times.  We have the 150 down 10 up plan.

  6. We have timed it to match that when our neighbor and children are home and using the internet our internet will barely work. 12:00am to 12pm est the internet will work normally. However anytime after that it will go up and down.  When our neighbor and kids are home streaming etc our modem starts showing the t3 timeout and the internet will barely connect.  They stop using the internet and ours goes back to regular speeds.

  7. We've had numerous techs out and supposedly maintenance has looked at the area and didn't find anything however they are looking at night when the issue rarely happens.  A tech also told us we are the last house before termination as well.
  8. Cox online support has given us the run around so I'm now here to see if anyone has any more input as to what can be done to get this fixed.  We are run a business and this can't keep happening.