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5 years ago

Why is COX support/action for SPAM nearly worthless?

Why is COX support for SPAM nearly worthless?  They should easily be able to block most of the spam...simple things like block "contact.*, or any numerous comprehensive blocks!  I am tired of the 10-20 Spams per day, and the limit (mine is full) for saved blocks we are given.

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  • Ive spouted off a thousand times about it, but now I find it HIGHLY OFFENSIVE that Cox is allowing spam emails through that are exploiting the current health crisis and advertise for protective masks.  It’s one thing when it’s an annoying product or service, but when it attempts to send you to a phony website for something dealing with a national emergency, that’s going too far.  COX HAS DONE NOTHING TO STOP THESE SPAMMMERS.  It was fine for a while, but for the last 4 months, the floodgates are open daily, and nothing has been done to mitigate it.  Now it could really exploit the weak.