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Who turned the internet off at 1:00 p.m. in the middle of the day with no notice to do maintenance.

Cox is an unbelievable company I'm so glad we've got things like CenturyLink fiber, Google fiber and other people coming as soon as there's competition people are going to leave cocks in droves they've been a ** company for a decade taking advantage because they've had a monopoly The day that comes to an end nobody's going to be loyal to cops they are one of the worst companies in the existence of companies they do terrible things they blame everything on their customers and they take you off for granted because they know they've had a monopoly

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  • I don't know the specifics of your 1:00 pm internet issue, but mine turned out to be my browser.

    My internet connection slowed on my Win 7 but not my 8.1 today around noon PDT.  Several reboots did not fix it.  Firefox had been reminding me about an available update so I ran it.  It took a very long time and initially didn't work, so I exited Firefox then tried it again and it worked, but slowly.  Then I rebooted and now it is back to normal.  The update was to Version 115.1 ESR which is a special version for unsupported operating systems Win 7, 8, and 8.1.  I had already updated my 8.1 yesterday as part of my normal updating process, not because it was slow. 

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      Correction:  The Firefox 115.1 ESR update installation must have failed because it is still reminding me to install it.  So something else must have been slowing down my Win 7 and it just happened to stop doing that  after rebooting at that time.  Several previous reboots didn't fix it.

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    Let me guess, your are in Omaha.  Mine drops out for no reason multiple times a week.  

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      I'm in Omaha and mine works extremely well. With that said, there was an outage last night from roughly 2am to 4am. Then, we had a power outage this morning about 30 minutes ago and it took a little while for my internal network to recover after that. Had to reboot some things. My modem had been up for 2 week with no uncorrected errors, except on the OFDM PLC channel, which I'm guessing is a firmware issue. Cox and Motorola both offer no explanation of why those occur at the rate of 100,000,000 per minute!

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        What are your signal levels on your OFDM channel? How are your speeds?