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5 years ago

Whats with all the outages recently?

This is the third time in about a week that I've lost internet connectivity and found out there is an outage in my area (Bellevue, NE). I appreciate the information on when it's going to be back up and the fact that I can get updates automatically but I'd like to know what's going on - is this a result of something ongoing? Bad luck? Maintenance? Hardware replacements? 

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    I'm in Arizona and it's been happening to me for 3 months.  Cox's tech support you always get scripted answers:  check your connections, unplug your router, reboot your modem, etc. etc.  In the end, they say it's on your end, not theirs.  Start complaining to BBB and FCC.  I did.  We all need to complain to get these problems addressed.  All the way to the lawmakers if I have to.  

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      Thank you for filing a complaint, i have been trying to get people to do the same. My internet is basically unusable at the moment. I'm in AZ also.

  • Hello Typewriter,

    I understand you want to know what's triggering the outage alerts you're seeing in My Account. Please email with your service address and first and last name of the account holder, so we can take a look at the history of outages for you.

    Cox Forum Support Moderator