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What is HNEA.

What is HNEA and should I have this enabled on my router…1st time ive seen this. And why don’t we have WPA3? Hasn’t that security level been out for while now? 

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    Could you give some context where you are seeing HNEA? Maybe a picture uploaded to Imgur? I couldn't find a definition online but my guess is Home Network something Automation? I am hoping the context of where the option is will give a clue to the E. Ethernet?

    As for WPA3 you need at least Wi-Fi 6(AX) devices to support it so most routers have a mixed WPA2/WPA3 mode. If not you can change that in the settings. What model router do you have for instructions?

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      HelpNow! EasyAccess.  It was a password reset utility for Microsoft IIS circa Windows NT.  Unless someone resumed the abbreviation, I got nothing.