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Very bad upload speeds, multiple outages, and tech visit said signal levels are bad

Last night around 7pm, I started seeing very low upload speeds on the Gigablast plan, in Gainesville, Florida. My plan should give me around 970 down / 35 up, and normally the upload is spot on. Last night it went down to less than 1 Mbps and has stayed there.

Cox has posted multiple outages in my area, and then cleared them too. I called this morning and scheduled a tech visit, and then the tech came out, and confirmed the signals were very bad all of a sudden. Of course the tech is a contractor so they can't do anything beyond what's coming into my house -- and I have the modem literally on the exterior wall, so there's nothing in the house to blame.

Now, this contractor will go file a ticket, and report the packet loss, but meanwhile I have no control other than to schedule another tech until it's fixed. Any tips on how to get Cox to fix signal issues when the internet support folks on the phone can't do anything but schedule a tech, and the techs can't do anything but tell the infrastructure people?

Here's a graph of my upload speeds from just a little before this issue started until now:


At less than 1Mbps, I can barely even upload the image above. Forget about my remote job, gaming, requests to load webpages... I'm basically on dialup upload speeds. Please help!

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    Even the post above took more than 30 seconds to even finish/post, probably due to the 35KB image 😞

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      Also in Gainesville.  There's what looks like a routing issue between Gainesville and the rest of Cox's network.  Traceroutes fail about every 15-30 seconds, then go back to normal, then fail.  My most recent speedtest scored a whopping 1.8 out of 150 in spite of a 24ms ping.

      This has been going on all day.

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    @MartinB3, Having inconsistent upload speeds can be exasperating. I took a look at your modem and I see a lot of T3 timeouts and some bad Rx Levels. If you do not have any splitters or amplifiers on your coaxial and the technician couldn't find any issues on the inside, a Cox Technician would need to check the signals outside to see what is going on.

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      This isn't inconsistent upload speeds; it's non-functional upload speeds.

      A Cox technician already checked the levels coming into the house and said they were bad. The modem is on an exterior wall, so there's no inside cabling to check.

      The problem is that the technician can't fix the levels outside the house, because they're almost always contractors and have no leverage to make the right teams do anything. And I have no leverage either.

      There's no one at Cox I can speak to who has control over this issue. They don't let customers talk to those teams. All they can do is keep scheduling technicians who keep saying things are bad and Cox's fault.

      What can I do?