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5 years ago

Verified email SMTP Block BY COX

OMG   OM freaking  GOD!


The worst, least educated, unprofessional, useless, tech support since ......   EVER!!!


like tens of millions of others, I cannot wait until 5G so I can dump COX.


I've had an issues for 9 months with a proven, verified, 100% SMTP block that COX refuses to fix.  My trouble ticket must be 100 pages long, with hours and hours and hours and hours over the phone support where I ( as a sys admin myself ) have to hold their hand and explain technical troubleshooting and show them what is not working.  After dozens of calls to french fry cooks, I have twice contacted people who knew what was going on, were able to VERIFY multiple times that there is an SMTP block on my account.  Spending hours and hours uninstalling windows updates, trying no less than 4 separate email clients, creating new accounts, new profiles, and connecting to the internet with my phone, and sending email using COX smtp successfully - proving that it is a COX issue.

Added two new modems, changed that MAC address, and at one point I even worked with a cox person, and for literally 40 seconds everything worked after attaching a new modem, then the cycle of cox internet failure began all over again, WITH the COX rep on the phone.

I've contacted Cox Complete Care, Then Tier 1,  Then CAG – 2nd Tier - trying to get anyone who could fix an SMTP block when sending email fails.

We checked to check that
Works on webmail
Does not work with thunderbird,  outlook, Microsoft mail, eM client, and mailbird
Server rejects login
SMTP Block
Ipconfig releases

Eventually some newbie gets on the phone and leaves a message that Cox does not support 3rd party software.  A clear indication that COX technical support is possible the worst, least education, most incompetent on the planet.  Worse than North Korea, I would say.


What a joke.

5G cannot get here soon enough.  If there were any decent option, COX would lose 95% of their customers due to their treatment , disrespect, lack of leadership, management and just plain technology ignorance.



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    i went thru the same issues with outlook + other 3rd party client with several tier 2 reps until one finally wrote a ticket, which kicked it upstairs & the matter was resolved.

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    @diafrate, we're sorry to learn that you're experiencing issues with our email service, and I'd like to help in any way I can. Cox generally does not troubleshoot third-party client devices, and you've indicated that you're not experiencing any issues with our WebMail platform. When you mentioned "Does not work with thunderbird, outlook, Microsoft mail, eM client, and mailbird," have you tried this on different devices?

    Please ensure your device's operating system is up-to-date.

    -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      for me it wasn't an issue of the 3rd party client, cox blocked me from the smtp server.