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Vegas Area, only getting 1/30th of package speed and..

will randomly lose internet but still connected to my network.  Happens on multiple routers  speedtest is showing 1 mb through put.  What's the issue with this and why is the chat link missing?

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    Same here! Constantly!  I pay for the preferred 150 and have never reached that. I’ll have decent speed one minute then it drops the next. So unreliable and so frustrating!

  • Hello. Your modem is reporting poor signals at this time. Are there any splitters or signal amps on the cable line going to the modem? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Of course it has splitters. Cox connected to the box on the front of the house where all the home runs terminate, from there you have to split the signal.  Are you not aware how homes are wired? How else do you get signal to a modem multiple TV's??  Every customer has splitters and has for years, this is a new issue.

      This has been a problem the lost month not the last year of service.   This is still an issue even though when connected directly to the modem i do get the full 50 Mbps after a modem refresh.  But it still drops multiple times a day and not amount of resetting or refreshing has helped that.

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        Are there any other cable outlets you can try testing the modem at?