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Upload at 0.03 Mbps, totally unusable

Yesterday Friday October 28, coinciding with high winds hitting the city, my internet started having severe issues.

The weather and windiness has calmed down but the issues haven't gotten any better.

I have the ultimate 500 plan, but my speeds are currently 50 down and 0.03 up. You read that correctly.

The download is at least decent (if only a tenth of what it should be). I'm not half as mad about it as I am about the upload.

It's useless. I can't remote desktop to work (or if I do, it won't register any inputs). I can't send email, use nearly any websites, and gaming is just out of the question. I pay $100 a month for this and I have no service.

I need upload of at least 5bps. I pay for double that. I'm getting 0.03 Mbps with 22% packet loss.

I had to take half of yesterday and all of today off work.

Cox confirmed their was an outage yesterday and said they'd fix it by 3:01am. Then 7am. Then they said 3:11pm today. Since then they've announced that the issue is clear but IT IS NOT FIXED.

I spent two hours on the phone with today rebooting my modem repeatedly while they said there's no problem. They said I don't need upload and upload isn't part of my service. 

Who do you have working for you?! Yes upload is needed.

Now they want me to pay am extra $75 to send a tech out on Sunday and I have to just wait without service and pay extra to get help. This is stupid.

I'm beyond mad. I'm going to cancel my service and report this to the BBB and the state attorney general office.

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    I want you to get the speed of the internet tier to which you subscribe, and I apologize for all the frustration. For testing purposes are you able to hardwire a pc/laptop directly to the modem and run a speed test? If so please reboot the modem first.

    Jonathan J
    Cox Social Media Support Specialist