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4 years ago

Uncorrectable errors on one channel

I just noticed recently that I'm getting a lot of uncorrectable errors  (over million) on one channel only (channel 6, channel Id 9). I moved my modem that is within 2ft from where the cable enters the house and I'm still getting a lot of errors (maybe a little bit less). No splitters.

Modem: Netgear CM1200

Location: Roanoke, VA

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    Any amount of corrected is ok, that's just FEC (forward error correction) doing its job. When uncorrectables start building, and you start having a connection or speed issues there's a problem.

    Jonathan J
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      After 5 days of uptime, I have over a million of uncorrectable errors on this one channel (almost the same amount of correctables) 

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    You'll typically see 1 or 2 channels with high error counts caused by interference from OTA TV signals (below 700 Mhz) or 4G/LTE cell phones (above 700 Mhz).