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this is now the second time in omaha, nebr, on sunday around 6 pm cst.

this is another sunday in the omaha area,  clear weather and  no stormies and  no rain and  the internet is down again and  this  second  time  this month of  july 2023 and  around the same  time again on  sunday at around 6 pm cst and it will now take almost 3 hours to get services back .  it might be  hot outside  and  no weather problems and  when you try to  call  customer services  do not work on  weekend  no more, so you  get  computer voices  and  cannot leave a note  about the problems  and  cannot  leave  address of the problem,    really awful way to treat  the paying  customers  this way.     

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    AFAIK technical support is 24/7. What number did you call? Does it show as a outage when you sign into If not, post your modem's signal levels or describe what lights you have on the modem.