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5 years ago

Terrible Internet Speeds with GigaBlast

I have subscribed to GigaBlast just over a year ago and have never had downloads better then 145 Mbs.  I have upgraded the Modem the router you name it.  I now have a Netgear CM1000 and a Nighthawk RAX200/AX12 and regardless of wired, wireless or directly from the router my average download currently is 45 Mbs.  I have attempted multiple times to have a tech dispatched with no success. When reviewing logs and errors I do see that the downstream power is consistently between 12.5-13.7 dBmV on all 32 channels.  There are no other errors and the SNR on all 32 channels looks good at an average of 43 dB.  Does anyone have any idea what else I can do to investigate while trying to get COX to schedule a technician?  My frustration is so high at this point I just don't know what else to look at.