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4 months ago

Singed up for Gigablast, the promotional offer was taken away when the bill came.

My original online order was for the promotional price of $109.99 per month, I recieved an email confirming this as well, I was unsure how to connect to the service so I decided to go down the street to the cox store. Where I was told that he could get me a free professional installation as well as the wifi router free for 24 months as well as the countour stream player for 5 dollars a month. I waited a week for this professional install to actually come. Regardless when the bill ended up coming out to $240.08 I was furious. Not only was the promotional price taken away from me, but I was being charged for the router as well as the professional installation. This was all recorded in notes that the employee took down. I went back to the store and the employee agrees that this pricing was incorrect but he has no way of changing it for me, worse is when i contact support they claim to have no knowledge or record of the email and that the only price is the 119.99 price without any promotional offer for new customers. The "account manager" told me that the 109.99 price was for 500 mbs when I could literally see it on my device as I took a screenshot. Tell me if I am the crazy one or if I am actually in the right on this.

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  • Hello,


    Thank you for reaching out to Cox support. I am very sorry to hear of this whole ordeal with the bill. I understand how this can be frustrating and concerning when it comes to monthly cost. I would be happy to assist in anyway I can. Please email us your full name, complete address and Cox pin. 


    Thank you!

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      Sure, id be happy to. What is the email address I should be sending this information to?

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        The email address to send this information would be