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7 months ago

Sign up for Advanced Notice of planned maintenance

Is there a system I can sign up with Cox so they will notify me day(s) ahead of a planned evening maintenance outage? During those outages, I would like to arrange alternate connections ahead of time and avoid any interruptions. In the past, I had signed up for Cox’s outage text notifications but that system never sent out any outage status. Not even when signing up for a specific outage notification. I understand maintenance is necessary, but a courtesy notification would be ideal. If there isn’t such a program, Cox should consider fixing their text notification system to work as intended or create a new one. 

PS: Can’t add tags to this post when editing on my iphone (can’t use my PC since Cox is down right now). The cursor won’t stay active in the add tag search box. 

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    I second this.  It’s absurd that Cox plans maintenance and doesn’t give customers a way to get advance notice.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s irresponsible of them. 

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  • Hello, I apologize you have experienced ongoing network issues. Cox values your business, and we want you to have a good and stable connection. We do our best to limit downtime and most work is done between 12 am and 6 am whenever possible. currently, we are not able to send notifications ahead of time for this maintenance. We appreciate this feedback and it will be reviewed.


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