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5 years ago

Samsung Home Security System connection through TG1682 router

I have an older Samung SDR-5102 Home Security System that uses a DDNS (was WWW, now ddns.hanwan-secuity) service for remote viewing. I have connected it to an ethernet port on the back of the TG1682 Wifi router provided by COX.  It show the DDNS connection stat as on, but will not let me view remotely on my phone using the ipolis mobile app -it does allow me to view via IP while the phone is connected to the LAN, but will not via the DNSS settings. 

What settings on the Gateway need to be configured to enable the SDR-5102 to connect with the DDNS service?

I have been able to get to the WAN Gateway log in page through the DDNS web viewer, but cannot get the pass through to the SDR-5102  for remote live streaming.

Need help!!!

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