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Repeat issue, intermittent connection, slow uploads a year later.
Here I am just short of a year later. It's doing it again. 89107, Las Vegas.
Same basic symptoms. Seems to like doing this every few months or longer, though to be fair i hadn't had it this bad in recent memory. Possibly even SINCE the last instance in the posted thread. I suppose i should just have a service call, but i also wanted to point it out and see if anyone else is having similar issues.

The symptoms are nearly identical(Though without full drops in connection) with the same troubleshooting steps as in the previous thread, though i admit I haven't had any techs out recently and I was not alerted to any maintenance in the area. Again STARTING during non-peak hours but continuing into peak hours. Again primarily with intermittent upload speeds with significant packet loss for bursts than normal operations again. I suspect the node was oversold, again.

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    Ran fine for a bit there, sudden intermittent issues and a complete drop while I'm working.

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      Wired, wireless, modem type, modem router combo or separate units? Need a bit more info. 

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        Oh yes, of course.

        Hardware Revision:2.0
        Serial Number:335930041293102876
        Processor Speed:751 MHz
        DRAM Total Memory:1024 MB
        DRAM Used Memory:741 MB
        DRAM Available Memory:283 MB
        Flash Total Memory:2048 MB
        Flash Used Memory:138 MB
        Flash Available Memory:1910 MB

        Separate router due to my own needs in my office, already bypassed during troubleshooting, no changes, still erratic.

        Work needs require me to be wired, as well so we're not dealing with wireless issues.