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Re creating Mega Thread as Cox Attempts To suppress the Issue

Collecting the threads where people are saying they have ping and packet loss issues.

Unlikely that this wide spread problem is caused by a "router", "signal issue" or "bent cables" (unless somehow everyone's cables got bent over night across the country? Santa Claus?) These problems are ranging from California to New Orleans, Arizona and Nevada between. 

I know these are unusual times but also sending technicians to check cables or trying to blame modems, house cabling for the issues doesn't help.

What can you do:

  • Install PingPlotter (14day trial) and start collecting data. and are Google's anycast DNS servers that should be optimized for latency. You could also try to ping,, or try to find your game server addresses. Try to collect several days of data to see how the service degrades in certain peak times
  • Post the results here and email with the data and your issues/location etc. See if you get an answer or anything helpful to address. In some cases they want to send technician over but if you already had technician check your signals or cables, it's likely not going to help
  • If the problem persist, consider filing informal FCC complaint as  did on his case

Cox, what can you do:

  1. Escalate these issues to your manager/director customer support who can then escalate it further, hopefully up to the CEO/whoever is the director of Cox Communication. 
  2. Acknowledge that the issues exists and communicate to customers what is happening, what you plan to do and when. Email customers affected or post in this forums or on twitter.
  3. Launch your own investigation to the network look for bottlenecks, speed up your upgrade plans if you can. Even after this crisis, we are likely to see increase in businesses and consumers internet usage. 
  4. Focus improving the latency in the overall network. This is what most people are complaining about it. Since affects how fast new connections open, dns requests get resolved, and providing good experience for applications that require stable and constant connectivity (video calls, ssh, gaming). 

Threads (most of these are from the last couple of weeks):

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    When I was stationed on Okinawa, we had to ration water during the summer.  Water...on an island...during the summer.

    Our Civil Engineers were desalinizing as fast as they could.  We could have complained.  We didn't because our engineers were working as hard as we were on the flightline.  Put on your war face, learn to go without and have faith in the engineers.  If money is your motive, drop your subscription.

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      I served 10 years in the Army, 5 as an 11 Bravo and another 5 as a special forces civil affairs team leader. We can talk sucking it up all day long. Even hinting Cox is anything like a military veteran or in the same situation us military vets faced is the biggest insult I have ever read in my entire life......

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        Some of the employees and techs are vets.

        My point was, there are worst threats nowadays than Internet service.

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    It is ridiculous that they blanket locked all the threads relating to the same issue and then responding with a list of generic troubleshooting steps as if we are incompetent. I'm pretty sure the fact we are even on here demonstrates that we are not the average customer who would call in/use their social media services for assistance. Never mind the fact that those troubleshooting steps will not help 99% of us complaining about issues directly tied to Cox's infrastructure / overselling of nodes / rampant marketing of their highest data tiers at a time when most are indoors.

    Thank you all for continuing to document and make aware of this issue.

    Link to FCC Complaint website: