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Poor internet service.

We have been customers for many many years and never really had any complaints until Covid-19. I expected some issues with internet service because of the number of people that began working from home. I realize that no one was prepared for the pandemic, it was such an unprecedented event. When I began working from home during the pandemic I had to upgrade my service to help with the buffering. It seems as though nothing really helped at all, every time we would make a service call customer service would say the only way to fix it is to upgrade to the next tier.  So we kept upgrading to improve our service but it really has not helped. We now have the cox modem with the built in Wi-Fi at the recommendation of the cox representative and paying a high price for a service we are not getting.  It is so frustrating when trying to work from home. If someone really looked at all the service calls we have made just this year they would see that there is definitely something wrong with the service somewhere in our area. I just would like to get the service that we are paying for and to feel comfortable when working at home that I won’t have connectivity issues. Can someone please help with this problem. I would like to email the CEO of Cox Communications to ask for assistance in this matter. Does anyone have the email address or other solution? Please help. Thank you. Caroline Causin. 

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    Cox had changed their customer-support strategy within the past 10 years so instead of helping to resolve your issue, the reps instead try to sell you something.  As you discovered, you had upgraded and rented everything but your issue remains.

    First, I'd downgrade your plan to whichever you originally had.  Next, I'd return the Panoramic WiFi and reinstall your previous gear.  If you're on a contractual promotion, you should wait until it expires.

    Calling Cox is usually hit or miss:  sometimes you'll get sales; sometimes you'll get a techie.  If you feel you've got sales, just hang-up, call back and hope for competency.

    As for email, with your Full Name, Complete Address and if you don't want to re-explain your issue, the URL of this post.

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      Thank you for your response. I will try it.