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Poor download speed with Gigablast.

Ok, so I got Gigablast last March, right before COVID hit, and had been having very low speeds for Gigablast.  I hadn't really been able to have a tech truly come out and troubleshoot it until today since of the restrictions of entering homes.  On average I get anywhere from 180-400ish on my laptop that is connected to ethernet via a Thunderbolt docking station.  I also have another laptop with a dedicated NIC and a desktop as well. Pretty much the same speeds. I am running all CAT 6 and even bought some CAT 7 today to verify the issue wasn't my cabling.  I have also tried connecting directly to the modem, same low speeds.  I have even gone so far as to buy multiple other routers (R8000(old router I had), RAX120, RAX200, AX11000) and supported modems (SB8200, CM1000v2) on CC to test each combination, but still NOTHING but horrible speeds.

When the tech came out today he used his network tool to check the speed via my router AX11000 and got the mid 300s, he then proceeded to directly connect to the modem with the tool and got the 920-940ish speed.  He even tried one of my patch cables and still 920-940ish speeds.  The only answer he was giving me was that it has to be the OS (Windows in my case) that is causing the degradation.  Well even on my Note 9 via WiFi I get a lousy 150-220 mbps.  I feel that if I have multiple devices that are getting horrible speeds, but this one tool can get the speed I pay for with no problem, something doesn't seem right.

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  • @AODfan, I recommend unplugging everything from the modem with the exception of your pc. Then reset both the modem and the pc. Once completed, logon to and do a speed test on our website so we can see what you are getting. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.