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  • H, there. I'm really sorry about the packet loss and issues with your connection. I want to help. Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. I'm happy to assist you. -Chris
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      Chris, can you comment on the anti-spam feature of the forum that seems to be blocking posts? I have talked to several people on Reddit who have said they can't post here. They are usually trying to post modem logs like above. Is it the MAC address that is triggering the block? I notice this post took 2 days to show.

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        Hi WMO, I can explain part of what's happening. The post in question, as well as others that include modem logs, was held because the logs trigger a filter on repetition. Rather than posting immediately, the post is held for review and is then released by a moderator. This is an intermittent issue for which we've tried to compensate. Not all posts with modem logs are impacted. Folks who are unable to join Forums, who try to create a new thread and get an error, or who post but the post doesn’t appear should email us so we can further investigate. I’d want to look into the Forums issue while also addressing the service issue. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Can you post your signal levels too? The T4 error is the most service effecting. That is usually caused by a bunch of T3 errors happening at the same time. T3 errors are caused by noise on the upstream. Have you isolated all your internal coaxial wiring? No splitters or amps?  If so, you need a technician.

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      I haven't checked this form since and it's ultimately a waste of time. The problem is still on going it's been at minimum 4 weeks of this 3 of my neighbors that have cox also have the same problems they all use the modern/router provided from cox.

       I have had a tech come out all wiring has been confirmed to be solid there is no splitters iv been here 3 years never had I problem I bought a new modem (same brand also don't really give a *** what company owns it it's worked flawlessly the entire time I have had it here with no changes until cox upgraded the area as well as the storms likely compounding issues) 

      The end user gets to come to this pointless forum to "troubleshoot" or talk to a rep on the phone making probably 12 dollars and hour to go through all the same ** we all know to well. I don't currently have my signal level readings as I am posting this from my phone not at home but I can assure you they are bad, I posed them to the cox communication reddit.

      It's not my mb8600, it's not anything wrong at my address. I have a second tech that is coming on July 13th. There has been multiple neighbors completely drop cox.

      The end user doesn't get information about what these "line techs" might even be doing they have come to my location upwards of 10 times in the past few weeks nothing ever changes it's OBVIOUS that they are not actually sending enough eyes to the site of the problem to actually DIAGNOSE AND RESOLVE THE ISSUE.

      Your avarage old lady or work from home mom couldn't care less to fight about this. Oh well internet buffered or dropped for 20seconds to 30 minutes again cox ** I'll change eventually.

      It's be FOUR WEEKS of unusable trash connect. At best you can watch a stream or a video for a few hours at most at a time. You want to talk with someone on VOIP or play a game online? Lol get real it's not happening.

      The second tech coming to my house will get all the information I have and if cox doesn't want to get serious about actually fixing the AREA WIDE problem then FCC is the next people I'll be speaking with.

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        I haven't checked this form since and it's ultimately a waste of time.

        Sorry you feel that way. Have a nice day. 🙂

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    MB modems are not Motorola Modems, they are ZOOM modems. Zoom Telephonics leased/purchased the name motorola and labeled THEIR equipment with the name Motorola, which I find underhanded. One of the issues that ZOOM has, is a hotter signal, 44dbi or less, are not processed well by that modem, and it will constantly  resync itself. Several people currently AND previously have had issues with the Zoom Modem resyncing itself with hotter levels.