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4 years ago


We are instructed to forward any suspicious emails to the "phished companies" but can't do that. 

Fraudsters can send me phishing emails but Cox blocks me from reporting them.

Is there a way around this?

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    because they look like they're coming from a legit site.

    what platform are you using for email, i use outlook & it's very protective?

    for what's it's worth: i check my wifi + cox email when coming to the forum, 4 spam today, up to 12 some days.

    i also get bogus cox emails that look legit.

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      That's not the point. I can't forward the phish email because Cox rejects it.

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        Hello. I recommend saving the email as an attachment and then sending an email to the company in question with the attachment. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    How much time had elapsed between when you received the email and when you tried to report the email?  I'm thinking...during this time...another subscriber already reported it and Cox created the rule.  Just a thought.  It appears Cox is already blocking it so what's the big whoop?

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    I get phishing emails all the time, but reporting it to cox does little to prevent them from recurring again. It's much the same as when you mark an email as spam, because chances are good you'll receive it again and again. Compared to gmail, cox webmail isn't as effective in preventing junk from reaching your inbox and I find that puzzling. Judging by all the complains about spam, I suspect that cox email filtering service is technologically behind the eight-ball and is seriously in need of an update.