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5 years ago

Packet loss when gaming in evening

For the last month I have had extremely bad packet loss when online gaming in the evening. I have a wired connection. It is consistent packet loss across all games, not just one. The games are unplayable with the current packet loss. I have had a technician come out, and he said there is nothing wrong on my end. I need help with this or I will have to find a new ISP.

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    I have the same problem for 3 months now and you know what Cox will say to you? We dont see a packet loss in your modem as of right now. and they will read a script about they recommend a tech coming out to your place and somehow they will find something to charge you for. Theres many of us getting the packet loss but Cox wont say its their fault. So I suggest finding new ISP. Sadly for me there is no competition in my town

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      That is really unfortunate to hear. I know it is on their end so I hope they will work with me or I will need to find a new ISP. 

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    I'm sourcing a new ISP due to this issue. Sick of the scripted customer service interactions with robotic support reps without the slightest clue how a network functions.