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Over charged for services...possible fraud

Anyone know how to get a refund if over charged for 2+ years?  I have been paying for gigablast service for over 2 yeas.  I found out yesterday my modem didn't support that service.  When I called for a refund today, they said they could only go back 60 days.  Is it legal for them to charge you knowingly for service they couldn't possibly provide?  It seem like a simple case of fraud to me.  Does anyone have any advice?  Brent B

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    You shouldn't get a refund because if you did a self-install, DIY or declined a Professional Installation; you're solely responsible.  I'd be surprised if Cox would refund anything.  You can search...and include the colon...the link below:  Equipment Requirements:

    However, this isn't bad news because if you haven't noticed you're not getting gigabit service, you don't need gigabit service.  Do a couple speedtests from various sites and downgrade your plan to whichever is closest to your results, such as 250 or 300 Mbps.  You could lower your monthly bill!  Cox would hate this.