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5 years ago

Outages in my Area

In Glastonbury, Ct  Upgraded my router recently and been having problems with it, but also want to be sure that it is not a Cox outage.  Whenever I find tab to check for outage in my area it just brings me back to my account page.  Loops back every time so how do we check for outages now?

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  • Hi Rugby49,

    We do not have any reports currently of an outage affecting services in your area. In reviewing the modem, I am showing signals that are good on our end. The modem isn’t reporting abnormalities on the signal levels and when pinging the modem, no packet loss is detected. Sometimes just resetting the equipment can clear up connection issues. For example, if you disconnect power to both your modem and router for a minute, and then reconnect power to the modem first and then the router you may see this improves.

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